Business Lines

ASTALDI is an international construction group with a strong presence and a leading position in Italy; it constructs large and technologically complex infrastructures, acting primarily as EPC Contractor, but also as a concession operator.  It is engaged in infrastructures in Transport Infrastructure, Water and Energy, Industrial and Civil buildings, Plants design, Operation & Maintenance.

Thanks to its strong technical experience, Astaldi is ranked:

  •   3rd in Hydro Plants;
  • 10th in Cogeneration;
  • 11th in Health Care buildings;
  • 13th in Highways;
  • 15th in Bridges;
  • 18th in Mass Transit & Rail;
  • 20th in Airports.

Transport Infrastructures

Roads, bridges, railways and undergrounds. Astaldi’s works bring together different countries and cultures in the name of progress and economic development, such as the Third Bosphorus Bridge linking Asia and Europe, the longest and widest hybrid bridge in the world with higher bridge towers than the Eiffel Tower.  

Interbational ranking

Main quantities

  3° contractor in Bridges

Railways and Subways : 5,000 km

13° contractor in Transports

Stations: 210

15° contractor in Motorways

Motorways/Roads: 15,000 km

Bridges/viducts: 160 km


Tunnels: 375 km

Among the most significant projects built in this sector, are to be remembered: the Rome-Naples high-speed line, the first in the world to use European Train Control Level 2 for the train safety and control system. Line C of the Rome underground (the stretch Lodi station – Monte Compatri / Pantano station, is completed) and Line 5 of the Milan underground are the first undergrounds in Italy to apply driverless technology. 

Water and Energy

The Group is able to boast specific know-how in relation to the construction of dams, aqueducts and power stations, recognised and appreciated worldwide. At international level, it ranks 5th in the hydroelectric plants sector.

Main quantities:

  • Dams: 68
  • Hydroelectric plants: 33
  • Installed Capacity: 6,000 MW
  • Tunnels: 96 km
  • Aqueducts: 80

Capturing the power of nature and transforming it into energy powering the development of entire regions. This is the task of enormous projects like Chacayes, the first completely sustainable hydroelectric plant built in Chile, or the Inga hydroelectric project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or the Pont Ventoux project in Vol di Susa in Italy, carried out entirely inside a mountain. 

Civil and Industrial Building

Building aesthetically appealing works which improve the quality of life and blend in with the surrounding area is our priority. Constructions of international standing are often the result of working partnerships with leading architects such as the new hospital in Venice-Mestre (“Ospedale dell’Angelo”), the first example in Italy of project finance applied to the healthcare segment, or the Rho-Pero trade fair centre in Milan. At international level, it ranks 19th in the Healthcare sector.

Main quantities:

  • Civil works: 25,700,000 m3 
  • Hospitals: 20
  • Beds: 8,900 
  • Airports: 19 
  • parking spaces: 17,200

These are schools, hospitals, underground rail stations, car parks, and exhibition spaces: projects that help our cities function better, allowing services to citizens to grow while also creating new growth opportunities for the economic and social fabric. Astaldi has worked with such internationally renowned architects as Massimiliano Fuksas for the New Milan Expo Fair Centre, in Italy, Emilio Ambasz for the Venice-Mestre new hospital, in Italy, and Karim Rashid for the University station of the Naples Underground. Innovation and creativity have given life to such important works as the Toledo station of the Naples underground, ranked by CNN as Europe's most beautiful underground station. 

Plant Design and Engineering 

Integration is the key word for the Astaldi business model. New opportunities come from integration: a larger bidding capability able to cover the entire implementation and management cycle of on infrastructure, from design and construction to Facility Management. 


Astaldi Group is responsible for the construction and integrated operation of facilities and services boasting a high technological level. 

Activities developed in the Plant Engineering and O&M segments range from maintenance to commercial services, through to energy management and healthcare technology services.

Most of these are carried out through NBI, the Astaldi Group Company that provides specialized support in this sector.