Mission and vision

To Astaldi Group our work means building quality and solidity to contribute towards the progress and development of the countries in which we operate.

Professionalism and competence have led Astaldi Group everywhere in the world.

For every project, in every country, our priorities remain the same: respect for the environment and the culture of the places where we operate.

Sharing knowledge as a common good, while respecting safety and the environment: these are the values that we share across the whole Group in the work we do every day. These are at the basis of our vision which inspires our Group’s commitment: building for the progress and development of the countries where we work.


Astaldi Group’s mission is to contribute towards the development and well-being of the countries in which we operate. We design, build and manage major infrastructure and ensure a seamless integration into the territory as well as provide technical and managerial training of the people involved.

Astaldi Group translates ideas into concrete reality: we satisfy our customers’ needs while opening new paths to progress. We carry out distinctive, cutting-edge works which bring function and aesthetics together.

Our work means Italian-made quality in infrastructure. For years, we have exported technology, know-how, and innovative solutions to customers worldwide, with an open approach to dialogue which always results in strong partnerships. Our approach helps affirm our country’s excellence in the world, cultivating talent and skills, in a constant process of creation in Italy and abroad. 

Last updated: Jul 04 2018