Share capital and shareholders

The share capital is subdivided into 98,424,900 ordinary shares for a total value of EUR 196,849,800.00. The company adopts the mechanism of increased voting rights pursuant to art. 127-quinquies of the consolidated finance act – TUF.

Shareholder% of share capital% of voting rights
Fin.Ast Srl 52.76%1 69.12%
FMR LLC 3.99% 2.61%
Treasury shares 0.56% 0.37%2
Market 42.69% 27.90%

1 - Direct and indirect shares. 
2 - Pursuant to art. 2357-ter, third subsection, of the Italian civil code, for the shares owned by Astaldi S.p.A., voting rights are suspended. 

Last updated: Apr 17 2020