Corporate advertising

This page allows you to consult Astaldi’s corporate advertising archive.

Experienta, construieste, viitorul

This advertising celebrates the opening of the Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest, modernised by Astaldi. The airport is one of the symbols of the Group’s entry into Eastern European markets.

Country: Romania Date: 18/03/2004

It is not just our major works that make us a major player

The advertising is aimed at celebrating the opening of the last section of the Anatolia Motorway in Turkey, one of Astaldi’s most important works in recent years. The message focuses on the Group’s ability to manage complex infrastructure works. The images of the viaduct are aimed at communicating the solidity of the cornerstones on which the Group is built.

Country: Turkey Date: 18/03/2007

Expo 2015, Astaldi è Fiera di Milano

Milan is getting ready to host Expo 2015. The new Expo Fair Centre in Rho-Pero, built by Astaldi, and Line 5 of the underground, which we’re currently working on, are important components of a city upgrade project which will transform Lombardy’s regional capital over the next few years.

Country: Italy Date: 18/04/2007

Un ospedale a misura d’uomo

Astaldi celebrates the opening of Mestre’s new hospital, the most innovative work to date in Italy in the healthcare sector. A “cathedral set in parkland” designed on a human scale. The challenge, which we successfully met, was to complete the project in just 4 years.

Country: Italy Date: 18/03/2008

Siamo grandi non solo perchè facciamo grandi opere

Technologies do not make you the best. We also rely on a highly-motivated organisation with vast experience for the success of our major infrastructures.

Country: Italy Date: 25/11/2008