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Astaldi Succursale Honduras

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Astaldi Group has been active in Honduras since the second half of the 1970s, working mainly in the transport infrastructure and water sectors.
Its activities in Honduras started with construction of the Rio Lindo hydroelectric plant and the Tegucigalpa-Zamorano-Danli road link. Works to construct the El Nispero hydroelectric plant, the San Esteban-Bonito Oriental highway, measuring 89 km in length, and to resurface 87 km of the Tegucigalpa- Jícaro Galán highway were completed in 1982.
The El Cajon hydroelectric plant, built underground in an area measuring 103x49 metres and 25 metres in height, was completed three years later (1985). The four generators are capable of providing a total of 300 MW of energy.
The 1980s came to an end with the Tegucigalpa water crisis caused by unchecked urban development; Astaldi was called upon to carry out the Concepción project which allowed the city to double its water resources in an extremely short space of time. The plant was awarded the Ingersoll-Rand Italy award in 1991 for its design values and for the benefits it generated at a social and economic level.
Just a few years later, work got underway on carrying out another important project to improve living conditions in Honduras: the Nacaome RCC dam.
While working on the Nacaome project, Astaldi also completed numerous other projects: the El Coyolar dam, reconstruction of 115 km of the Chamelecón-La Entrada highway and of approximately 95 km (with 30 bridges) of the Tela-La Ceiba road as well as modernisation of Tegucigalpa Airport’s runways.
The most recent projects see the Group still involved in the areas of road infrastructures (with reconstruction of several sections of the CA-5 Norte highway), hydraulic works (Nacaome valley regional waterworks) and construction with a project involving civil works related to the new Los Micos tourist resort in Bahía de Tela.

Completed works


Concepción Dam

The Concepción project, winner of the prestigious 1991 Ingersoll-Rand Italy award, had the great success of solving the dramatic water crisis in Tegucigalpa in record time.

COUNTRY: Honduras