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Félix Bulnes HospitalFélix Bulnes HospitalFélix Bulnes HospitalFélix Bulnes Hospital
Project Highlights
Sector healthcare
Country Chile
Type of Contract D.F.B.O.T.
Contract value EUR 236 mln, di cui EUR 151 mln per le attività di costruzione
Customer M.O.P. - Ministerio de Obras Públicas
Contractor Astaldi S.p.A.
Progress in progress
Construction from june 2015

The contract includes design, financing and construction, as well as operation of commercial and non-medical services.

The new hospital will have 13 floors - 3 of wich underground - and will offer 523 beds and 599 car parks for a total surface area of 120,000 sq. m. The contract also includes the supply and maintenance of electromedical equipment and furniture.

The concession period is approximately 20 years, with 15 years for operation activities.

The project has been commissioned by Chile's Ministry of Public Works and will be funded through private funds. The total investment will be repaid through approximately EUR 500 million of total concession revenues, 95% of which is guaranteed in the form of availability payments.