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Project Highlights
Sector industrial plants
Country Poland
Location Gdansk
Type of Contract BOT
Contract value EUR 280 million
Customer Port Czystej Energii Sp. z o.o.
Contractor Astaldi (leader, with a 51% interest) as part of a JV with Termomeccanica Ecologia S.p.A. (Italy, 49%)
Progress in progress
Construction from 2018
Gdansk waste-to-energy plant

The contract entails the construction and O&M activities for a 25-year period, of the waste-to-energy plant to treat urban waste in the metropolitan area of Gdansk-Gdinia-Sopot.

The total value of the contract is approx. EUR 280 million (PLN 1.2 billion), EUR 110 million of which referring to design and construction (with Astaldi holding a 51% interest) and the remaining EUR 170 million referring to O&M activities for a 25-year period (with Astaldi holding a 10% interest).

The O&M activities will be conducted by an SPV held by  Astaldi (with a 10% interest), Termomeccanica Ecologia S.p.A. (Italy, 10%) and Tirù S.A. (French, 80%). The customer is Gdansk-based Zakład Utylizacyjny Sp. z o.o. (a municipality-owned company responsible for waste management). The contract is entirely financed through EU and public funding.