Value of works EUR 310 million

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Astaldi announces it has been ranked first in the tender called by the Municipality of Warsaw to award the works for the extension of Line 2 of the Warsaw underground, Poland. The value of the works to be carried out amounts to more than EUR 310 million (Astaldi has a 50% interest and is leader of a joint venture).

Submitted in a joint venture with Gülermak (Turkey, 50% interest), the bid calls for designing and building the Western Section 3 of Line 2 of the Warsaw underground, from the C04 Powstańców Śląskich station to the Mory (STP) technical station (workshop/depot). The works are expected to have a 4-year duration. The awarding and consequent signing of the contract will take place upon completion of the procedures established by law.

With this new project, the number of lots of the Warsaw underground awarded to Astaldi rises to three. The first lot, completed in 2015, involved the Rondo Daszynskiego-Dworzec Wilenski section (6 kilometres of line and 7 underground stations) built in a joint venture with Gülermak and the Polish company PBDIM. The second, currently being carried out, calls for building 3 kilometres of tunnel excavated by TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) and 3 underground stations, including civil and railway systems, along the Dworzec Wilenski-C-18 Station section.

Poland thus confirms its standing as a location of major opportunities for the Astaldi Group, which sees the country as one of the drivers of its own planned growth, and aims to consolidate its role as a player of reference on the Polish market, in particular in the sector of transport infrastructure.

The Astaldi Group has been operating for approximately 10 years in Poland, where it manages an order backlog exceeding EUR 800 million (Astaldi’s share) regarding, among other things, a lot of the S-7 Expressway near Krakow (for a total of 3 kilometres with more than 2 kilometres of tunnels), the South Warsaw Bypass Road, three additional road sections (referring to S-8 and S-5 roads, for a total of approximately 40 kilometres of motorway), as well as two major lots for upgrading the E-59 and LK-7 railway lines for an overall length of 100 kilometres, and Waste-to-Energy plants in Rzeszow and Gdansk (following the Bydgoszcz-Torun plant completed in late 2015). Among the most recent works, particular mention is made of the beautiful Lodz-Fabryczna underground station.


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Last updated: Feb 07 2020