Astaldi new construction orders for EUR 243 million

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Astaldi Group has been awarded four new construction contracts worth a total of approximately EUR 243 million as regards Astaldi’s interest, referring to projects in Italy, Poland, Sweden and Mexico. The new orders are in line with the de-risking strategy implemented by the Group which promotes gradual repositioning of activities in countries boasting a lower risk profile than in the past.

Specifically, the new contracts refer to the following projects:

  • Poland, Tunnel under the River Świna: Total of EUR 139 million (PLN 591 million), for the final and construction design and building of 1.5 kilometres of tunnel (dug using TBM) for the road linking the islands of Uznam and Wolin to Swinoujscie, as well as 860 metres of cut-and-cover tunnels. The installation of all electro-mechanical systems and related works is also provided for. The works will be financed using European Union and state funding for the Municipality of Swinoujscie. The planned duration of works is 48 months.
  • Italy, Sigonella NATO Base: approximately EUR 60 million, for the construction design and performance of works to expand Ground Operations Area (Ops Area) and Flight Operations Area (Flight Area) of the Sigonella Military Airport in Syracuse province in Sicily. The project involves the construction of 14 buildings occupying a total net surface area of approximately 26,700 m2, to be used as military offices and aircraft storage and fitting out, with specific radio/data plant engineering for specialist military air operations. The customer is NSPA (NATO Support and Procurement Agency) and with a duration of works of approximately 3 years. Financing of the works is guaranteed by NATO funding.
  • Sweden, Gothenburg Rail Link (Westlink, Lot E03 Kvarnberget): EUR 78 million (SEK 823 million, with Astaldi holding a 40% interest), for the EPC Contract related to construction of 600 metres of railway tunnel forming part of the project to upgrade the Gothenburg Rail Link which Astaldi is already involved in via construction of Haga Station. The tunnel will be built using the cut-and-cover method and will link the Centralen and Haga lots, currently under construction. The works, financed using European Union and local funding, will be performed by the AGNab Consortium, comprising Astaldi (40%), Gulermak (Turkey, 40%) and NRC Group (Norway, 20%). The planned duration of works is approximately 3 years, with start-up scheduled by summer 2018. The customer is Trafikverket, Sweden’s national agency for infrastructures and transport. 
  • Mexico, VOPAK Project in Veracruz (Phase 1): EUR 31 million (USD 35.5 million with Astaldi holding a 40% interest), for the EPC contract to expand and reconvert a CPP (Clean Petroleum Products) storage site. The project involves reconversion of a part of the existing capacity of a site currently used to store chemical and vegetable oils, and the construction of two new tanks, for a total capacity of 73,700 m3. The planned duration of works is approximately one year and they will be performed by Astaldi (with a 40% interest), as part of joint venture with Arendal (Mexico, 60%). The customer is VOPAK Global Operation, a leading global company in the storage site management segment.


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Last updated: Jun 22 2018