Works amount equal to EUR 242 million

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Astaldi Group has been finally awarded a contract worth EUR 242 million for the construction of Lot A of the South Bypass Road in Warsaw, Poland. Performance of the works will allow for completion of an important, strategic project for development of the city’s infrastructure, ensuring significant benefits connected with reduction of traffic congestion in the city centre.

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The works involve the design and construction of approximately 5 kilometres of expressway with two separate three-lane carriageways in each direction, linking Puławska junction to Przyczółkowa junction (Lot A). The performance of complex works along the route is also planned comprising 9 bridges, a double-tube tunnel measuring 2.3 kilometres in length, 2 road junctions and all related works.

The planned duration of works is 41 months and they are scheduled to commence as from the second half of the year.

The project has been commissioned by Poland’s General Road and Motorways Authority (GDDKiA) and the works will be financed using EU funding.


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Last updated: Sep 01 2016