Astaldi to perform Alto Piura Hydro Project in Peru - Value of works amounts to approx. EUR 110 million

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Astaldi Group has acquired the contract to perform the Alto Piura Hydro Project, in Peru. The contract value amounts to approx. EUR 110 million, with a 51% Astaldi stake.

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The contract involves the construction of a plant for the catchment and transportation for irrigation purposes of the waters of the River Huancabamba, in Piura region, 800 kilometres to the north of Lima.  In details, it will involve the construction of a tunnel measuring 13 kilometres in length with a diameter of 4.2 metres, a mobile barrage and a dam (36 metres in length and 10 metres in max. height), as well as 47 kilometres of access roads and related works.  The works will commence in March and have a duration of 5 years.

The works have been commissioned by PEIHAP, a body of the Regional Government of Piura, dedicated to the development of agricultural and energy sectors.  The works will be performed by a joint venture among Astaldi (51% stake) and the local company, Obrainsa S.A. (49%).  The works will be financed by the Peruvian Ministry of Economics and Finance.

The new contract consolidates Astaldi's presence in Peru, where it is currently involved in construction of the Cerro del Águila (510MW) and Santa Teresa (98 MW) hydroelectric plants; at the same time, it will serve to reinforce its international positioning which already sees Astaldi holding 5th place among Global Contractors for turnover generated in the Hydro Plants sector.


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Last updated: Sep 06 2016