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As is tradition, workers at the new Monopoli-Fasano Hospital raised the Italian flag on the last floor put up at the new, world-class healthcare facility that Astaldi - Webuild Group is constructing in Puglia. The new hospital will provide 299 beds and 9 operating theatres, occupying a total surface area of 178,000 m2.

The Region’s President, Michele Emiliano, visited the hospital site today, confirming the attention that institutions are giving to this project of which 25% of works have been completed to date. Once completed, the new facility will ensure expansion and upgrading of Puglia’s healthcare capacity, to the benefit of a catchment area of 236,000 people. The project also functions as a driving force for economic development and employment in the area. Approximately 250 workers will be employed to perform the project during the most intensive work phases, with the involvement of over 100 suppliers. The hospital also stands out as a sustainable project, with works including, inter alia, a photovoltaic system with a 512Kw capacity and replanting of 199 secular trees in the project area.

The new hospital has been designed as a “hospital within a park”, located in a rural setting. It blends harmoniously into the surrounding landscape given that the building features porous volumes arranged around open public courtyards and areas that are both paved and green. The height of the buildings is comparable with the size of the crowns of the monumental olive trees (12-13 metres) that are a characteristic feature of the project area, as are the dry walls and farmhouses.

Astaldi – Webuild Group holds a strong position in the hospital construction sector. It has built twelve world-class facilities in Italy and abroad in the last ten years, including Venice‐Mestre Hospital (“Ospedale dell’Angelo”) and four hospitals in Tuscany, Italy. At the present time, Astaldi Group is also involved in the design and construction of two hospitals in Chile (Barros Luco Trudeau in Santiago and New Hospital in Linares, designed with LEED© features), as well as in Etlik Integrated Health Campus in Ankara, Turkey. The latter’s surface area measuring 1.2 million m2 makes it one of the largest hospitals under construction in Europe. Taken together, the new constructions will provide 5,300 hospital beds.


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Last updated: Apr 20 2021