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This is to hereby make known that, further to resolutions passed by the Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A. in its meeting on 20 March 2021,  it has proved necessary to supplement the extraordinary part of the agenda of the General Meeting, already called for 29 April 2021, in a single session, with notification published on 20 March 2021 on Astaldi S.p.A.’s website ( and filed on the storage mechanism (, as well as on the newspaper “MF/Milano Finanza” in extract form.

The subject of the aforementioned supplement for the extraordinary part is the proposal to adopt instrumental and preliminary instruments for performance of the partial and proportional spin-off of Astaldi S.p.A. in favour of Webuild S.p.A.

The notice of call will be published pursuant to law and is available on Astaldi S.p.A.’s website (, in the Governance/Shareholders’ Meeting section.

* * *

ASTALDI – WEBUILD GROUP is one of the main Contractors worldwide in the field of complex and strategic infrastructure projects. Active for 95 years at an international level, the Group develops initiatives within the fields of design, construction and management of public infrastructures and large civil engineering works, mainly in the areas of Transportation Infrastructures, Energy Production Plants and Civil and Industrial Buildings, Facility Management, Plant Design and Engineering and Complex Systems Management. Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2002, and subject to direction and coordination of Webuild S.p.A., Astaldi is based in Italy and operates mainly in Europe (Poland, Romania) and Turkey, Africa (Algeria), North America (Canada and the United States), Latin America (Chile and Paraguay) and Asia (India). 


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Last updated: Mar 26 2021