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With reference to the Shareholders’ Meeting of Astaldi S.p.A., called in extraordinary session for 15 December 2017, in first call and, if needed, in second call for 18 December 2017, it is announced that the following documentation is available at the company’s main office in Rome – Via Giulio Vincenzo Bona no. 65 – and on the authorised storage mechanism, and may also be consulted on the Company’s website ( Governance/Shareholders’ Meeting section):

  • Report on the share capital increase with exclusion of the right of pre-emption pursuant to art. 2441, subsection 5 of the Italian civil code, serving the “equity-linked” bond loan, approved by the Company’s Board of Directors meeting of 21 September 2017;
  • Report by the independent auditor on the issue price of the shares related to the capital increase with exclusion of the right of pre-emption.

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Last updated: Nov 24 2017