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In reference to the newspaper article published today by Sole 24 Ore, and also reported in the research notes of some brokerage firms, where it is stated that the sale of the concession of the third bridge on the Bosphorus by Astaldi could be worth approximately EUR 200 million, Astaldi points out that the sale amount stated in the article, in light of the strategy plan presented to the market, would refer uniquely to the semi-equity share invested in the project by Astaldi and not to its entire stake. In fact, as stated in the June 30 2017 results report, the total book value of the third bridge on Bosphorus amounts to EUR 345 million including equity and semiequity of which, the Company details, approximately EUR 167 million as equity value and EUR 175 million as semiequity (shareholder loan).

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Last updated: Feb 05 2020