PRESS RELEASE - Astaldi strengthens its organizational structure

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Astaldi announces that a plan to reinforce the organizational model will be submitted for the approval of the upcoming Board of Directors meeting called for 11 November. Aimed at making the model respond more to the Group’s increasing size at home and abroad, the plan calls for appointing a co-Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Filippo Stinellis, mainly to oversee business activities. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stefano Cerri, will thus be able to concentrate more on the Group’s economic and financial management, and on strengthening its financial strucutre as well as on the valorisation of the assets under concession.

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The size growth recorded in recent years, in which the Company was transformed into a consolidated top-quality integrated Construction-Concession Group, suggests strengthening the organizational model in the very way that will be submitted to the Board of Directors. More suitable for accompanying the Group’s growth in the expected new programming cycle – and after the valorisation of the concession initiatives currently in the backlog – this strengthened organizational model will lead to achieving new and challenging goals.

Mr. Filippo Stinellis, already appointed to the Astaldi Board of Directors in January 2015 and Coordinator of the Group’s business activities since last March, has been with the Group since 1992, working successfully in the area of managing major-sized initiatives in Italy and abroad.

Today, Astaldi is active in 18 countries, with 80% of its sales revenue abroad, and is engaged in carrying out vital and technologically important projects that have allowed it to claim a place among the leaders in the world rankings in the various infrastructural segments (3rd for bridges, 7th for airports, 8th for hydroelectric plants, 12 for undergrounds, with reference to the sales in the individual segments).


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Last updated: Sep 01 2016