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Astaldi announces having been awarded two construction contracts in Italy totalling EUR 110 million for Astaldi’s share. Moreover, on this date, the CIPE (Italian Government’s Interministerial Economic Programming Committee) approved the final design for the second section of Mega-lot 3 of the national road SS-106 “Jonica,” a condition for initiating the activities leading up to carrying out the works.

The two new contracts refer to the following projects:

  • EUR 67 million construction contract for the works to complete the Colombo, San Tommaso, and Polcevera tunnels as part of the programme to strengthen the Genoa railway node. In detail, the contract calls for completing the excavation and the lining of the Colombo and San Tommaso tunnels in an urban setting (Lot 1) and carrying out the works to lengthen the Voltri connector in the city’s western area (Polcevera tunnel, Lot 2), for a total of 5.5 kilometres of new railway line, almost entirely underground. The contract is an indispensable building block in the completion of the Genoa railway node. The Lot 1 works, in fact, will make it possible to construct two new tracks dedicated exclusively to the metropolitan-regional traffic between the two main city stations of Brignole and Piazza Principe, while the Lot 2 interventions are functional to the essential achievement of independence between long-haul passenger traffic and cargo/regional-metropolitan traffic in the Genoa railway node. The works’ planned duration is 27 months. The Customer is RFI S.p.A. (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group). The contract is expected to be signed within the next 30 days, as the verification of participation requirements has yielded positive results.
  • EUR 40 million contract, 50% of which Astaldi’s share, for the performance, in a joint venture, of the Lot 2 recovery works for the former Kuwait Petroleum Italia refinery in Naples. The activities are aimed at the environmental recovery of 18 hectares of the city and the intervention is prerequisite for the area’s future urban development. The works’ will be performed in JV with Arcadis Italia for a planned duration of three years. The Customer for the initiative is Kuwait Raffinazione e Chimica S.p.A.

Also on this date, the Italian government's interministerial economic programming committee (“CIPE”) approved the final design of the second section of Mega-lot 3 of the national road SS-106 “Jonica,” also in Italy. This approval creates the conditions for developing the construction design of the entire Mega-lot 3 (1st and 2nd functional tranches) and for initiating the activities leading up to carrying out the works. The works will be carried out in a joint venture by Astaldi (agent) and Salini Impregilo. To date, the contract is included in the Astaldi Group’s order backlog for a value equal to approximately EUR 960 million.

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Last updated: Feb 28 2018