Astaldi to build the New Hospital in Linares

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The Astaldi Group is the winner of the EUR 140 million construction contract (CLP 103 billion, 100% Astaldi) to build the Linares Hospital in Chile. 

The EPC Contract calls for the design and construction of a new healthcare facility in the centre of the city of Linares, in the Maule Region. The new complex will provide 329 beds and 11 operating rooms, over a total area of about 87,000 square metres distributed in an 8-storey building, including an underground level. The systems will be built by NBI, the Astaldi Group Company specialised in plant engineering. The work is to have a duration of slightly over 6 years, with design to begin before the end of 2017. 

The Customer is Chile’s Ministry of Health, and the works will be financed with State funds.

This acquisition further consolidate the Group’s presence in Chile, where it has been operating for more than 10 years and is currently engaged in the construction of two new healthcare facilities (523-bed Santiago’s West Metropolitan Hospital, which it will also operate, and the recently acquired, 967-bed Barros Luco Trudeau Hospital), as well as the construction and operation of Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (transport capacity equal to 30,000,000 passengers/year) and the execution of the designs for the construction of the Cerro Armazones ELT Observatory (the world’s largest optical telescope), and for the underground expansion of the Chuquicamata Mine (the world’s largest open-pit copper mine). 

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Last updated: Feb 05 2020