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Astaldi S.p.A. informs of having postponed the publication of the Interim Financial Report at 30 June 2020 to allow the Board of Directors to complete, by next week, information regarding the matters reported by some press agencies on 30 September 2020 regarding the adoption of a precautionary measure taken on the Company’s assets – as it is jointly and severally liable pursuant to local legislation - by the Judicial Authority of El Salvador in the course of the investigations concerning a transaction that took place in 2012 to settle a dispute concerning the failure to complete El Chaparral Hydroelectric Plant, for reasons not attributable to Astaldi. To the Company’s knowledge to date, this precautionary measure appears to be unfounded also considering that Astaldi does not result to be under investigation by the same Judicial Authority.

In light of the information currently in its possession and on the basis of the opinions provided by the consultants who assist the Company, Astaldi believes that the precautionary measure, having a protective nature, would in any case have no impact on the resources destined to the Company’s operations on a going concern basis, since it is subject to - like any receivable that may be recognised in relation to the matter being investigated – the same treatment envisaged for the composition creditors as provided for in the approved composition.


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Last updated: Oct 01 2020