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The Board of Directors of Astaldi S.p.A. (“Astaldi” or the “Company”) informs that it has received from Salini Impregilo (“SI”) the letter of confirmation of effectiveness of its investment offer lastly submitted to the Company on 15 July 2019 (“SI Offer”), to support the proposed composition with creditors on a direct going concern basis and plan submitted by Astaldi as part of the proceedings pending with the Court of Rome (referred to all together as the “Composition Proposal”).

The SI Offer is still subject to Astaldi’s admission to the composition by 30 September 2019, to the positive outcome of the Composition Proposal by 31 March 2021, to the absence of events that jeopardise the feasibility of the Company’s going concern economic and financial plan, without prejudice to antitrust law provisions and the absence of expected undertakings, conditions or related obligations to be met by SI and/or Astaldi.

Having acknowledged the confirmation received, the Company’s Board of Directors therefore resolved to submit the necessary related disclosure to the Court of Rome.

Astaldi shall provide timely information regarding the procedure of composition proposal underway as updates regarding the proceeding will be available.

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Last updated: Aug 02 2019