Astaldi, first classified for construction of the italian section of the Brenner Railway Tunnel

Value of works totals EUR 1 billion

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Rome, 11 March 2016 – Astaldi, leader of the joint venture comprising Ghella, Oberosler, Cogeis and PAC,  was first classified for the tender for awarding of works to construct the “Mules 2-3” Lot of the Brenner Tunnel. The contract is worth approximately EUR 1 billion (Astaldi has a 42.5% stake). 

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The news was announced during a public session held by the company Galleria di Base del Brennero - Brenner Basistunnel BBT SE, which is responsible for commissioning the project.

The contract involves construction of all underground works in the Italian section of the Brenner Railway Tunnel, from Mezzaselva (Fortezza) to the Brenner state border. Specifically, this involves completion of the exploration tunnel and the two main line tunnels for a total of 23 kilometres of tunnels to be dug using traditional methods and 46 kilometres to be bored using a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). The estimated duration of works is 7 years.

The works will be performed by the joint venture comprising Astaldi (42.5%, leader) and the Italian companies Ghella (42.5%), Oberosler Cav. Pietro (5%), Cogeis (5%) and PAC (5%). Works will commence subsequent to signing of the contract scheduled to be executed once the checks provided for by law have been completed.

The Brenner Tunnel has a total cost of EUR 8.8 billion, 40% of which is funded by the European Union and the remaining 60% through funding provided by Italy and Austria (Italy will provide EUR 2.65 billion). The tunnel, which is scheduled to become operational in 2025, will represent the new railway link between Italy and Austria forming part of Corridor 5 Helsinki-Valletta, and will be the longest railway tunnel in the world, measuring 64 kilometres in length from the entrances at Fortezza and Innsbruck and with approximately 200 kilometres of tunnels.


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Last updated: Sep 02 2016